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Tech Entrepreneur

With over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, Mihai Costea got remarked by his involvement in several successful projects. Mihai Costea worked with big tech companies like IBM, Boots UK, Centric NL and many other Romanian companies.

Mihai Costea’s Specific Areas

Custom Web Applications

Create custom CRM, ERP and other mobile web applications using the latest web technologies like React or Angular.

Mobile App Development

Create custom Android and iOS applications. Hybrid applications is also an option using Ionic.

Website Development

 Create Super Fast Custom Made Websites but also WordPress websites, online shops, marketplaces and web apps.

Project & Team Management

Providing Technical Leadership for your development team for Front-End technologies.

Software consulting

Give advice on strategy, design, building, and implementation of software that solves business problems.

Team Training

Provide technical trainings for development teams for technologies like React, Angular, jQuery and classic javascript.


Identify strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to your website and obtain a high-ranking placement in Google results. 


Are you interested in an IT career? I can be your mentor and guide you on the IT path by working on real projects.

Life balance is important!

The video below illustrates a working day for Mihai Costea as a developer back in 2018 in The Netherlands. What ever you do, it must be fun! Mihai Costea’s favorite quote is:

I’m on vacation every single day ’cause I love my occupation!

Mihai Costea presenting a POC in The etherlands


a great project for

the Housing Market

in NL

One of the biggest projects on which Mihai Costea had a great contribution was a Dutch Project called WocasOnline.


Recent Work

Boots Basket & checkout

  • Developed New React Superbasket 
  • Developed New React Checkout page
  • Technical Leading

What do customers say about Mihai Costea?

Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come. They are the BEST way to beat down the price objection and win the sale therefore here we have some real testimonials from upper management of several companies which Mihai Costea worked with.

More about Mihai Costea on Linkedin

At Hercules, a Netherlands based IT company for social housing, we appreciate the work of Mihai. He showed a great commitment to his work and has been result-oriented. The employees of Mihai love to work with him. Besides being a professional in his work Mihai is a nice person.


Peter Bos

Managing Director , Hercules & Itris Netherlands

Mihai is very talented software developer. He has helped our company excellently in turning our conventional ERP-software into an HTML5 based web application. With his extensive knowledge and strong analytical skills he was capable to solve the many technical and architectural challenges we faced. On top of that Mihai has trained our development team in contemporary web technology and development frameworks. Besides a talented professional, Mihai is also an ambitious entrepreneur and a very nice person to work with. He combines modesty with being very helpful and a friend to every colleague. Working with Mihai was a pleasure and a privilege.

Mark van Rosmalen

Program Manager, Housing & Healthcare department Centric B.V. Netherlands

Mihai is a very good software developer with a great ‘let’s do it’ and positive attitude. He brings energy into the room, has a very good sense of humour and is able to make friends in any type of environment.
But what in my opinion is Mihai’s strongest point is his ambition. And you can see that ambition in the way he invests in himself, in his entrepreneurial spirit and in his focus on achieving results. A great model in this area!
It’s been a great pleasure working with Mihai and I hope our paths will cross again one day.

Andrei Spițelnicu

Country Manager, Centric IT Solutions Romania

Mihai is now an experienced entrepreneur, with a very good understanding of what means client service and customer succes.
He is always eager to know more, do more, grow better, help and delight everyone.
I am very sure everybody will be pleased to work with him no matter the type of the relationship.

Bogdan Codreanu

Entrepreneur, Startuppers Club

I worked and still work very well with Mihai, within a very important project of mine. Being a premium project, the online image had to show exactly this and the clients it addresses must feel and understand this state. Mihai has the quality to understand very quickly what I need and to visually express these things. Also, one of its basic qualities, in addition to the technical, indisputable ones that it has, is its extraordinary patience to always implement other requirements. His understanding of the constant need for change and to come up with something new is what we need from the new generation of programmers, at the forefront of which he is.

Codrin Untu

Entrepreneur, Cardiodent & OZONO

Mihai is an outstanding professional, one of the best Development Leads and hands-on Dev Architects I had the opportunity to work with, during an extremely complex account within IBM.

He played a crucial role in managing all technical/development linked aspects on a troubled project part of a highly critical programme, from the thinking to the post Go-live/ Warranty period.

Quickly after joining the account all recognized in him a natural leader and Go-to person, he consistently showed in-depth technical expertise, willingness to go beyond his comfort zone, learn new things, along with tact, diplomacy and empathy towards his team, peers and management (IBM, Client, 3rd Party).

It would always be a pleasure to work with him on any type of project.

Sandra Dan

Senior Project Manger | Programe Manager, IBM

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